Tuesday, November 17, 2015

November Musings

I love drinking tea and recently I have been collecting flee market finds (tea cups and saucers) so that I can paint them. When I can, I also love to host tea parties so that those I know who love tea too can enjoy fun and finger foods while being a little bit fancy. :)

Lately I've been longing to have a party but it's so hard getting everyone together these days. I find that sometimes all I have is memories to hold on to. My work as a teacher takes up much of my time and I am growing a bit weary. Like a good soothing cup of tea I long for the solace of friends, or just time to recharge and paint. Being creative brings me such joy whenever I feel helpless or alone. And I am thankful for it. When I can't be with the ones who love me or doing what I enjoy, a good cup of tea and time to pray & meditate is a big help!

"One Lump or Two" 6 x 6 inches, (oil on board)

Another little painting I created....

"Pear'nts" 6 x 6 inches (oil on board)


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    1. Thank you, I appreciate your comment. You do lovely work too!

  2. Beautiful work Christine! I don't see an email, here so I'm posting a comment. I am wondering if you are interested in taking workshops in Ashburn, VA by today's top contemporary realist painters? I have Sarah Siltala, Cindy Procious, Shana Levenson (with her assistant David Kassan!), Chris Saper and David Cheifetz coming in 2016. www.DebKArt.com/workshops is where you can learn more if interested. I hope to paint with you!

  3. Thank you I appreciate it. Will keep your classes in mind but not sure I can do it financially right now. Love the artists that you represent though. Sorry I have taken so long to reply.
    Can you tell me how you found out about me?


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