I am transported by the visually sublime...there is so much beauty in nature and I believe we were created to share in the joy of complementing and collaborating with it. That is why I am drawn to realism.

I work with the figure and still life predominantly. Delicate illumination is a visual goal I try to achieve through the exploration of value and color. When painting I usually begin with muted tones and then layer in with more saturated color as I progress. I believe every color has a warm and a cool counterpart...even when working with black and white media, one can see warmth and coolness depending on the hardness or softness of graphite or charcoal we use. It's important to examine these subtle nuances in the media I use as well as the scene I am observing. My goal is to illuminate. To express myself through light and shadow.

Occasionally, I try to inject an idea behind what I depict as I have discovered creating art can be a spiritual journey. There is serenity in many of my works, an inner voice striving to speak softly.

In addition to exhibiting online, I have exhibited in galleries and through many juried exhibitions. Though I currently reside in my native home, Virginia, I have also had opportunity to expose my work while living abroad in England and Austria. My work has been sold to collectors in the US, Europe and the UK. 

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