Saturday, October 15, 2016

In Memorium

"In Memorium" oil on panel, 6 x 6 inches

Painted this little work of art using a real still life set up, with a badge leant to me by an officer of the law. He was very protective of the badge of course so I gave it right back to him. The black band around the badge signifies that an officer has been killed in the line of is a gesture of respect.  Had to mostly use a photo reference that I took of the still life since I could not keep the badge. For the blood I looked at photos of blood online and used water droplets too as a reference. The result is that the blood looks a little too contrived but it's the meaning behind the painting that is really more important than technical skill here.

I'm not usually a controversial person, nor am I trying to be here but I have a deep respect for police officers and detectives. I have some family members who have worked in law enforcement as well. My brother-in-law is looking to retire soon after many years in the service (my sister, his wife also worked as a 911 dispatcher and warrants clerk for a number of years).  In addition, I have a cousin who worked for the NYPD homicide division for some years before retiring. And recently, my soon to be 18-year-old son has expressed  his wish to make a difference by joining the force after college. I don't think people realize that in addition to putting their lives on the line for us (if that isn't enough), police officers endure much emotional and spiritual strain just from all the hardened and neglected lives they interact with on a daily basis.

I am sure there are rewards to the job that will warm their hearts at times and help to remind them that they are doing a noble job, but mostly they see and experience the darkest side of life this side of heaven. So.... while I do believe that black lives matter and that we need to understand the reasons why people of race are discouraged/concerned that they are not treated fairly, we do need to continue to protect and offer support to our law enforcement folks. We can't function as a nation without them.

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